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Math Pi(oneers of Safety! Lesson Plan

Math (Pi)oneers of Safety! Lesson Plan

The " Math (Pi)oneers of Safety!" math lesson plan helps middle students understand rail safety by building ratios. Students will start with the ratio of pi to develop an understanding of size including diameter (part) to circumference (whole). Students will begin with an introduction to pi followed by exploration of ratios and an understanding of parts to a whole. The second lesson will focus on how students can impact data through choices. Learning objectives include:  

  1. Discerning between the part and whole of a data set.
  2. Understand the relationship of size between a train and standard vehicle relative to weight.
  3. Identify parts and whole from a word problem.
  4. Demonstrate the steps to set up a functional ratio.
  5. Determine the percentage of data based on a ratio.
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