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Our class has been studying railway safety. Using extreme caution around all trains and railroad tracks is a safety lesson that will benefit children throughout their lifetimes. Ask your child to share what he/she has learned about safety around railroad tracks and trains.

The best way to teach your child about the importance of safety at railroad crossings is by your actions. Please set a good example, and remember to always "Look! Listen! & Live!" around all highway rail grade crossings.

Upper Elementary

We have been studying about railway safety. The lessons we have learned are ones we need to remember for a lifetime. For example, "Never walk down a train track"; it's illegal, and it's dangerous. Also, trains cannot stop quickly. A freight train moving at 55 miles per hour can take a mile or more to stop.

Our class is committed to being safe around railroad tracks and trains, and we hope you will join us in that commitment.


Public highway-rail grade crossings are places where the roadway crosses the train tracks. Our class has been involved in studying safety messages that deal with these highway-rail grade crossings. We learned lifelong, lifesaving habits around railroad tracks and trains. Ask your teenager about our lesson; you just may learn something. Remember to always "Look! Listen! & Live!"

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