Rail Safety for Emergency Responders is intended for training emergency response personnel, including fire, EMS, emergency management agencies, military and homeland security personnel.

Course Overview

The RSER course is designed to provide emergency responders with critical information to prepare them for responding to a railroad incident, including: safe response; knowledge of railroad electrical, fuel, and air systems; hazardous materials; identifying rolling stock; pinch points; stopping a train; high/low pressure tank cars; and other on-scene dangers.

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Become a Volunteer

If you enjoy public speaking and would like to tell people about safety around the rails, please consider becoming an Operation Lifesaver Authorized Volunteer.

Volunteer Requirements

  • Complete Authorized Volunteer E-Learning ("The AVE") Course.
  • Attend a Face-to-Face training class to complete your Volunteer Training process.
  • Agree and abide by all policies and procedures in the Volunteer Application.
  • Volunteer at least two times per year to maintain your status.