Trespass Fatalities by State - Top 15 States

(Based on Preliminary 2013 Federal Railroad Administration Statistics) 

UPDATED 4/3/14

According to FRA statistics, 476 pedestrian rail trespass fatalities occurred in 2013. Approximately 70% of all Year 2013 trespass fatalities occurred in the 15 states listed below.

1. California 76
2. Florida 26
3. Texas 25
4. Illinois 25
5. Ohio 24
6. Pennsylvania 19
7. Indiana 19
8. North Carolina 19
9. New Jersey 18
10. New York 16
11. Georgia 15
12. Alabama 14
13. Washington 13
14. South Carolina 12
15. Oklahoma  7

Remember - rails and recreation do NOT mix!

Track Facts and Tips

  • Railroad tracks, trestles, yards and equipment are private property. Walking or playing on them is not only dangerous, it's illegal. Trespassers can be arrested and fined - the ultimate penalty is death.
  • The ONLY legal, safe place to cross tracks is at designated pedestrian or roadway crossings. Observe and obey all warning signs and signals.
  • Do not walk, run, cycle or operate all terrain vehicles (ATVs) on railroad tracks, rights-of-way or through tunnels.
  • There are approximately 160,000 miles of track operated in the United States (source: Association of American Railroads, 2010).
  • Do not  walk, jog, hunt, fish or bungee jump on railroad trestles. They are not designed to be sidewalks or pedestrian bridges; there is only enough clearance on the tracks for a train to pass.
  • Do not attempt to jump aboard railroad equipment at any time. A slip of the foot can cost you a limb, or your life.
  • Remember - rails and recreation do NOT mix!

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