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Primary - During our study on railway safety, we learn to be very careful around all trains, railroad tracks and crossings. Why is learning this when you're young so important to remember throughout our lives? Ask your child to talk about the ways he/she plans to stay alert and be safe around railroad tracks and trains.

One of the best ways to teach your child about being safe around railroad tracks and property is by setting a good example. Whether you are a child or an adult, remember to always "Look! Listen! & Live" around all highway-rail grade crossings.

Upper Elementary - The lessons we have learned about railway safety are ones we need to remember throughout our lives. One example is to never walk or play on train tracks; aside from being extremely dangerous it's trespassing on private property and therefore illegal. Now we also know that trains are not able to stop quickly. A freight train moving at 55 miles per hour can take more than a mile - the length of 18 football fields - to stop, meaning that if there is anything on the tracks the train may not be able to stop in time to avoid a collision.

Our class, committed to staying safe around railroad tracks and trains, will share what we've learned with friends and family to help keep them safe, too.

Middle - Our rail safety study has focused on public highway-rail grade crossings, or areas where the roadway crosses train tracks. The lifelong, lifesaving lessons we have learned are important to help keep us, our friends and family safe around railroad tracks and trains. When you talk to your teen about their railway safety study, be prepared to learn something. And when you're around trains, remember to always "Look! Listen! & Live!"

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