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Kindergarten - 8th Grade

Elementary and middle school students will learn the importance of rail safety, the meaning of rail safety signs, and more while developing creative thinking and problem-solving.

Operation Lifesaver volunteer in a classroom with children showing a rail safety slide

9th Grade - 12th Grade

Materials for high school students incorporate rail safety messages into physics, math, reading comprehension, and more.

Chip Pew Illinois OL with high school class during RSW 2018

4-H and FFA Groups

Visit our Farmers and Farm Machinery Operators page to view and download our lesson package and supplemental handout materials, which include an interactive presentation and practical learning information for Junior Level (ages 8-11) and Senior Level (ages 12-17) students.

    images of farms and railroad tracks on a slide

    Kids Transit Safety Pledge

    Encourage your students to make a pledge to be safe around tracks and trains!



    large version of transit safety pledge badgo