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RISC Instructor Classes

Operation Lifesaver, Inc.'s (OLI) Railroad Investigation and Safety Course for Law Enforcement (RISC-LE) was developed for the North American first responder and law enforcement community by the nation’s railroad police and Operation Lifesaver, Inc. The RISC-LE prepares officers and other first responders to use the proper safety techniques while investigating a grade crossing collision or trespasser incident, in addition to maintaining on-scene safety unique to the railroad environment.

RISC-LE classes are led by authorized RISC Instructors. A RISC-LE Instructor is an individual who has volunteered to facilitate and instruct OLI’s Railroad Investigation and Safety Course (RISC-LE). RISC-LE Instructors are authorized under the policies and procedures set forth by OLI. To remain an active RISC-LE Instructor, participation as an instructor is required in two (2) RISCs per year.

RISC-LE Instructor applicants must review and abide by the RISC Instructor Criteria and Minimum Standards linked below.

RISC-LE Instructor Criteria and Minimum Standards

RISC Instructor Application and Approval Process

The process to become a RISC-LE Instructor includes:

  • Completing an online application, including submitting documentation that the applicant meets the requirements of this volunteer position
  • Approval of the application by the RISC Application Review Committee
  • Satisfactorily completing the RISC Instructor training course, and completing any additional requirements

OLI will notify the applicant of approval, disapproval, or the need for additional information on their application. Approved applicants are eligible to attend a RISC Instructor Course and will be notified by email of scheduled training classes.

Fill out a RISC-LE Instructor Application