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Grades K-2

Operation Lifesaver's Trains and Tracks presentation teaches children in grades K-2 or between the ages of 5-8 basic safety messages and information.

Watch the Virtual Trains and Tracks video.

an illustration showing a red train on a track

Grades 3-5

Operation Lifesaver's Train Safety Savvy presentation teaches children in grades 3-5 or between the ages of 8-11 covers general safety messages, signs and signals, and trespass prevention.

Play our Train Safety Savvy game!

a color illustration showing a landscape with the operation lifesaver logo

Grades 6-8

Operation Lifesaver's Mainline Middle School presentation teaches children in grades 6-8 or between the ages of 11-13 more about staying safe near tracks and trains.

Watch the Virtual Mainline Middle School video.

An illustration of a middle school yearbook cover

Sly Fox and Birdie Coloring Pages

Download and print out these coloring pages for kids that have safety messages from Operation Lifesaver's mascots, Sly Fox and Birdie.

Sly Fox and Birdie characters on a black and white coloring page

Student Safety Guide

Learn about rail safety and test your knowledge with our Student Safety Guide!

A drawing of a village from above showing buildings and train tracks