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Farm Rail Safety PSA

Watch our public service announcement for farmers and farm machine operators, available in 30 and 15 second versions in English and Spanish.

Know what to do near railroad tracks. Every 3 hours in the U.S., a person or vehicle is hit by a train.
If you don't fit, don't commit! Make sure your equipment can completely clear the railroad tracks before starting across.

Only cross at designated crossings.

Watch our PSA for Low Clearance Vehicles
Always expect a train. Trains can run on any track, at any time, in either direction.

It can take the average freight train traveling at 55 mph a mile or more to stop.

Farm Vehicle Safety Brochure

Operation Lifesaver's free rail safety brochure helps farmers and farm machine operators stay safe and avoid incidents around railroad tracks and trains.

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Resources for 4-H and FFA Groups

View and download our lesson package and supplemental handout materials, which include an interactive presentation and practical learning information for Junior Level (ages 8-11) and Senior Level (ages 12-17) students.

Junior Level (ages 8-11) English Materials

Junior Level (ages 8-11) Spanish Materials

Senior Level (ages 12-17) English Materials

Senior Level (ages 12-17) Spanish Materials

Farm Rail Safety Stickers

Operation Lifesaver's rail safety sticker reminds farm machine operators and others to “See tracks? Think Train!”

Order farm rail safety stickers from the OL Store: