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Near Miss - Headphones PSA

The only thing that belongs on a track is a train. Distractions around trains can cause serious injury or death. Watch this near miss story.

Trespass Fast Facts

Each year, track trespassing results in more than 1,000 trespass incidents, including more than 500 deaths and approximately 500 injuries.

People aged 16-40 are most likely to be involved in these preventable rail trespassing incidents.

Since 1997, more people have been killed in trespassing incidents than in vehicle-train collisions.

Avoid distractions near trains and tracks

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the number of pedestrians dying on America’s roads is also on the rise. The number of people risking their lives by trespassing on or near railroad tracks has also been rising. Distractions can be a major factor in pedestrian incidents near the tracks. It’s essential to pay attention at railroad crossings.

Trains are quieter and move faster than you think. Take off your headphones and stay off cell phones to stay safe.

According to statistics from the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), trespassing incidents rise during spring and summer compared with winter. Taking a shortcut or thrill-seeking are not worth the risk.

Stay alert and off the tracks.

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