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First Responders Safety Tips

an image of a first responder next to a vehicle
Know what to do near railroad tracks. Collisions between trains and vehicles or pedestrians occur approximately every three hours in the U.S.

Always expect a train at any railroad track, at any time and in any direction.

What Emergency Responders Need to Know about Railroad Crossings
Train tracks are active tracks until railroad companies are notified. Locate the blue and white emergency notification system sign. Call the number provided.

Each crossing has a blue and white ENS sign with a specific 800 number and crossing identification number.

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Know the railroads in your community. Familiarize yourself with the railroads who own the tracks and have their dispatch center emergency numbers available.

This is especially important if there is more than one railroad operating in your community.

Railroad Emergency Phone Numbers
an officer standing next to a police car


Since 1877, more than 200 officers have died as a result of a collision with a train.

Since 2012, nine emergency response personnel have been injured in collisions with trains.

Sources:Officer Down Memorial Page, Federal Railroad Administration
a fire truck near a train car


As you perform your daily duties, avoid becoming complacent about the tracks, warning devices, and the possibility of approaching trains.

When responding to the scene of a collision or other emergency, avoid becoming focused on the call and distracted from the hazards along the route.

Always expect a train—on any track, at any time, in either direction.