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Rail Signs and Signals

You'll find these passive and active signs and traffic control devices along roads that cross railroad tracks before and at highway-rail grade crossings. Their purpose is to regulate, warn or guide traffic.

images of signs before and at the railroad crossing

They alert drivers to the presence of railroad tracks and to the possibility of an approaching train. These signs and devices also provide a safety message and remind the driver of the laws regarding highway-rail grade crossings. What follows is a list of some of the various signs and devices that you will see in connection with highway-rail grade crossings.

Passive Signs: Signs that alert motorists that they are approaching a highway-rail grade crossing.

Active Signs: Electronic devices that warn the motorist of the approach, or presence, of rail traffic at grade crossings

Before the Crossing

Watch for these signs as you approach a highway-rail grade crossing. 

railroad crossing sign

On the Road

Drivers, be alert for these pavement markings

pavement marking showing railroad crossing ahead

Signs at the Crossing

These signs at grade crossings have important information for drivers.

crossbuck sign

Signs along Railroad Property

Pedestrians and ATV or snowmobile operators may see this sign

a sign warning people not to walk on tracks