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Rail Safety for Shift Workers PSA

Watch our public service announcement for shift workers, in 60, 30 and 15 second versions in English and Spanish.

woman in hard hat on the job
Know what to do near railroad tracks. Collisions between trains and vehicles or pedestrians occur approximately every three hours in the U.S.
GET OUT! GET AWAY! FIND THE BLUE AND WHITE SIGN. If your vehicle gets stuck or stalls at a crossing, get everyone out and far away immediately, even if you do not see a train.

Call the number on the Blue and White Emergency Notification System (ENS) sign and share the crossing ID number with the dispatcher. No sign? Dial 911.

Watch our Find the Blue and White ENS Sign PSA
Always expect a train. Trains are quieter and move faster than you think. They can run at any time, on any track in either direction.

Our Low Clearance PSA Campaign shows drivers of low clearance vehicles how to make safe choices around railroad tracks and trains to avoid getting stuck at railroad crossings - along with what steps to take to avoid tragedy if they do get stuck.

Watch our PSA for drivers of low-clearance vehicles.

Are you a professional driver? Operation Lifesaver has materials and information just for you! Find lifesaving information for professional drivers.