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Bicycle Safety

Operation Lifesaver offers bicyclists 6 tips for safety near train tracks:

  1. CROSSING TRACKS ON A BICYCLE REQUIRES CAUTION AND EXTRA ATTENTION! Narrow wheels can get caught between the rails. If possible, walk - don't ride - across. Always cross at a 90-degree angle.
  2. USE ONLY DESIGNATED RAILROAD CROSSINGS. The only legal and safe place to cross railroad tracks is at a designated public crossing with a crossbuck, flashing red lights or a gate. Crossing at any other location is trespassing and illegal.
  3. TURN OFF MUSIC AND REMOVE EARPHONES AT ALL RAIL CROSSINGS. Music can be a deadly distraction near the tracks - preventing you from hearing an approaching train.
  4. WET TRAIN TRACKS CAN BE SLIPPERY. Dismount and walk your bike across the tracks.  Step over the tracks - not on them - to avoid slipping.
  5. WATCH OUT FOR THE SECOND TRAIN. Wait after the first train passes until you can see clearly in both directions.
  6. IF YOU SEE A TRAIN COMING, WAIT! Flashing lights or a lowering gate means a train is approaching. Do not proceed until the gates go completely up and the lights go off. It is illegal to go around lowered gates, whether on a bike, on foot or in a vehicle.

Pedestrian, Jogger and Bicyclist Safety Brochure

image of a jogger and bicyclist