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Filmmaker Safety Tips

Operation Lifesaver, Inc., the nation’s rail safety organization, works with the film industry and film schools to ensure no filming occurs on or near railroad tracks without permission from the railroad.

Filmmakers - follow these safety tips to ensure a safe set:

  • Railroad tracks, trestles, yards and rights-of-way are private property.
  • All filmmakers, crews, film students, and amateurs who want to film MUST get permission from the railroad to film on or near the railroad tracks.
  • Filmmakers must obtain a formal permit or contract from the railroad, based on the individual railroad’s legal requirements.
  • Any filming on or near railroad tracks without explicit permission from the railroad can result in severe injury or death.
  • For general safety guidelines for filming on railroad property once a permit has been obtained, visit the Contract Services Administration Trust Fund's safety bulletin on this topic at

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This PSA for filmmakers shows that filming on train tracks is deadly and illegal if proper permits are not obtained. Play it safe - no shot is worth the risk.