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Decide Smart, Arrive Safe School Bus Driver Training Videos

Our Decide Smart, Arrive Safe school bus driver video training package provides practical tips and information drivers can use immediately. Four engaging training videos show school bus drivers how to stay safe when encountering railroad crossings along their routes. The four videos linked below offer info and actionable procedures and can be viewed together or individually as appropriate for the training situation.

a man standing next to a school bus

Know the Signs and Signals Video

This 7:28 video reviews important signs and signals around railroad crossings that school bus drivers may encounter along their routes and what they mean.

a woman next to a screen showing a road sign

Know the Facts Video

This 2:27 video shares train safety facts drivers need to know to keep themselves and their passengers safe around railroad crossings.

a train image next to a rail safety fact

In Their Own Words Video

This 9:47 video takes viewers on board a school bus with a demonstration of safe railroad crossing procedures for drivers. The video incorporates peer-to-peer communication, with veteran school bus drivers sharing real-life experiences and safety tips.

an image of a school bus driver next to her bus

5 Alive! Video

This 3-minute 5 Alive! video, part of the updated Decide Smart, Arrive Safe school bus driver videos video training package, demonstrates 5 steps school bus drivers can take to keep their passengers safe when the route includes railroad crossings.

an image of a woman boarding a school bus

Decide Smart, Arrive Safe Resource Materials

Three additional free resources for school bus driver trainers and school bus drivers complete the Decide Smart, Arrive Safe training package.

school bus driver's view of a street

Posters and Brochures (multiple languages)

an image of a school bus on a poster

More Free Resources for School Bus Drivers