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Dylan's Story

Dylan's mom tells the story of Dylan, who was killed in a trespassing incident involving graffiti. Stay Off! Stay Away! Stay Safe!

an image of a graffiti covered railroad facility with train tracks

Jacob's Story

Watch Jacob's story to see what happened when he was distracted at a railroad crossing. See Tracks? Think Train!

a close up of a teen boy with a black tshirt

Maurice's Story

Locomotive engineer Maurice Taylor shares his story to show why Operation Lifesaver tells people to Stay Off! Stay Away! Stay Safe!

a man in a hat next to a train

Nick's Story

Watch Nick Sayer’s story to see why you should always stay focused at commuter rail and rail transit stations and facilities.

a man wearing sunglasses

Brad's Story

Brad Johnston talks about his childhood friend Jafari, what happened to him, and how much he misses him. Stay Off! Stay Away! Stay Safe!

two male best friends

Samantha's Story

Samantha and her friend didn’t see it coming. Always be cautious at rail crossings.

a woman in a dark shirt

Selfie PSA

These teens from Utah didn't realize the danger in taking a selfie in the wrong location. Watch their story.

teen girls taking a selfie

Shortcut PSA

Mark Kalina, Jr. talks about the shortcut that changed his life forever. Watch what happened.

a person walking next to a train

Your Life Can Change in an Instant

Kennedy and Scott talk about how life can change in an instant if you trespass on railroad tracks. Watch their stories.

A headshot of a young man

If I Could Go Back

“If I could go back to that day. . .” These family members explain what they have learned about staying safe at crossings and near railroad tracks. Watch the video.

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They Had Everything Going for Them

“He had the world in the palm of his hand.” Every year, hundreds of Americans are injured or killed while trespassing on train tracks. Watch the video.

a mother and her grown son in a photo

John-John's Story

This family talks about the photo shoot that ended in tragedy on the tracks. Watch John-John’s story.

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See all Stop Track Tragedies Videos

The #STOPTrackTragedies videos reinforce the message that making the wrong decisions near railroad tracks and crossings can have devastating consequences. View the #STOPTrackTragedies videos on Vimeo.

Crossbuck sign

Safety Tips

View and share our lifesaving tips for drivers and pedestrians, and learn what to do if you're stuck on the tracks.

Stop Track Tragedies

See Tracks? Think Train!® Week

Learn more about See Tracks? Think Train!® Week (formerlyRail Safety Week).

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Media Contact

Operation Lifesaver, Inc. understands the importance of the news media’s role in helping the public make safe decisions around tracks and trains.

To request further information about Operation Lifesaver’s activities, or for additional safety information, email or contact our national headquarters office at 703-739-0308.

If you are a reporter seeking information for a local news story, view our list of state Operation Lifesaver program contacts.

If you are on deadline for a story and would like Operation Lifesaver, Inc.'s perspective on a highway-rail safety or trespass prevention topic, email