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Training for Law Enforcement

Operation Lifesaver’s Railroad Investigation and Safety Course (RISC), formerly known as GCCI (Grade Crossing Collision Investigation Course), was developed for the North American law enforcement community by the nation’s railroad police and Operation Lifesaver, Inc.

The RISC prepares officers to use the proper safety techniques while investigating a grade crossing collision or trespasser incident, in addition to maintaining on-scene safety unique to the railroad environment.

an image of a police car near a railroad crossing

Course Overview

If railroad tracks run through your community, first responders could become involved in responding to a highway-rail grade crossing incident. This course will provide the critical information allowing first responders to respond to and investigate incidents involving the railroad effectively and safely.

The Railroad Investigation and Safety Course (RISC) is offered at the Basic (1-hour), Intermediate (2-hour) and Advanced (4-hour) levels. Training is available at no cost to help officers and first responders more effectively and safely manage such incidents.

This course is geared towards law enforcement and first responders, teaching them how to be safe on and around railroad tracks while they are investigating an incident. 

Download the RISC Flyer for more information.

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