Operation Lifesaver's Grade Crossing Collision Investigation (GCCI) course training was developed for the North American law enforcement community with the cooperation of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, the National Sheriffs Association and Operation Lifesaver, Inc.

If your community contains railroad tracks, the GCCI course prepares your officers to participate in a specialized highway-rail grade crossing collision investigation while staying safe throughout the process.

Course Overview

If railroad tracks run through your community, you or your officers could become involved in responding to a highway-rail grade crossing incident. This course will help you clearly understand the specific legal responsibilities of railroads, motorists, and pedestrians on or around railroad tracks. Grade Crossing Collision Investigation (GCCI) courses at the Basic (4-hour), Intermediate (8-hour) and Advanced (16-hour) levels are available at no cost to help officers more effectively and safely manage such incidents.

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Become a Volunteer

If you enjoy public speaking and would like to tell people about safety around the rails, please consider becoming an Operation Lifesaver Authorized Volunteer.

Volunteer Requirements

  • Complete Authorized Volunteer E-Learning ("The AVE") Course.
  • Attend a Face-to-Face training class to complete your Volunteer Training process.
  • Agree and abide by all policies and procedures in the Volunteer Application.
  • Volunteer at least two times per year to maintain your status.