At Operation Lifesaver, our top priority is to educate people on how to be safe around highway-rail grade crossings and railroad tracks.

Trains today are often bigger, faster and quieter than ever. Though diligent safety practices and engineering advancements have reduced the numbers of injuries and fatalities at highway-rail crossings, incidents resulting from rail trespass--often involving young people--remain a constant challenge. Predictions for a substantial boost in rail travel mean that in the near future there will be more trains on busier tracks, giving OL's mission to reach kids, teens and young adults added urgency. Help us by using the appropriate K-12 lesson plan, listed below, to share important rail safety education messages with your students.

Rail Safety Lesson Plans

Rail Safety Lesson Plans

Operation Lifesaver's lesson plans incorporating safety information on a variety of rail systems have been developed for all grade levels and are designed to meet curriculum standards in language arts, social studies, geography, music and civics.

View and download (PDF format) our classroom lesson plans by grade level.

Safety Posters

View our latest safety posters, or download pdf versions to print them out

Teacher Resources

Teacher Resources

Teacher Resources can be used to supplement lesson plans or as stand-alone components. Railroad safety messages and images are available for classroom use via video clips, PSAs, pictures, bulletin board ideas, newsletter articles, award certificates and free OL presentations.

Educational Materials and Video

Materials for Operation Lifesaver Authorized Volunteers (OLAVs) can be used in person by volunteers or independently viewed online

Safety Tips

Know how to be safe around rail and rail crossings with our Safety Tips and Facts.

Passenger Rail and Transit Safety

Operation Lifesaver's goal is to help sustain passenger rail - affordable, accessible and reliable - as a leader in American transportation safety. Click here for tips and secrets to success along the rail transit system and learn about OLI's Competitive Rail Transit Safety Education Grants.

Other Resources

Learn your railroad signs, find information in Spanish, check out our videos and links, or request a safety presentation.

Operation LIfesaver Store

Operation Lifesaver offers educational materials -- available for purchase through its authorized vendors -- for a wide range of audiences through our distribution partners.

Videos for Kids

Did you know we have a number of videos intended for the younger audience? You can click here to see videos specifically "For Young People".

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