We’re making a difference.

Over almost four decades, Operation Lifesaver's educational outreach has successfully partnered with public and private rail safety advocates to reduce the number of train/motor vehicle collisions. The proof is in the numbers.



New challenges

Estimates that freight rail transportation demand will nearly double by 2035 coupled with predictions for substantial passenger rail increases along many of the country's main freight and passenger-shared networks* promise new challenges for us as rail safety education advocates. - The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Strategic Plan 2010-2016

OL's Safety Tips for Drivers

"Imagine" is Operation Lifesaver's presentation for new drivers.


Decline in collisions

We’ve helped to reduce the number of train/motor vehicle collisions from a 1972 high of roughly 12,000 annual incidents to approximately 2,100 incidents in 2017.
(Source: FRA preliminary 2017 statistics).

What Smart Commuters Know

The number of commuters is growing in the U.S. Learn what smart commuters do to stay safe.