Operation Lifesaver offers training modules for key groups of drivers: Student Drivers, Professional Drivers and School Bus Drivers.

Student Drivers

Look to Live Driver Ed video and quiz

Look to Live, the driver training video, incorporates six on-the-road scenarios that demonstrate risks and driver responsibilities needed to be safe at highway-rail grade crossings. View the Look to Live video at right.

An additional video on the Look to Live DVD features an interview with Dr. Todd Thoma, a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Fellow and director of the Level I Trauma Center at Louisiana State University. He talks about what can happen when drivers let their attention drift from the road. View the video of Dr. Todd Thoma, LSU here: http://bit.ly/ftx9fg

Once you've reviewed the video, you can take the interactive student quiz to see how much you've learned. You will be able to customize the final results with your name and print them out when you have completed the quiz.

Alternatively, you can download, print out and take the printable student quiz (pdf format file). Once you've finished taking the quiz, click here for the answers in PDF format.

Quick tips and examples of signs and signals used at or near railroad crossings are located in the Driver Training Material. Click here to open. (PDF format).

Look to Live - Teen Driver Education

This fast-paced video incorporates six on-the-road scenarios that demonstrate the risk to teen drivers at highway-rail grade crossings and how to safely navigate these intersections.