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  • <p>Bonnie Murphy</p>

    Advancing our mission, together

    Bonnie Murphy, 2-26-2016

    For 44 years, Operation Lifesaver has worked through partnerships with federal, state and local governments, freight and passenger railroads, the railway supply community and other nonprofit organizations to educate communities in pursuit of our mission. That mission remains the same: providing public education programs to prevent collisions, injuries and fatalities on and around railroad tracks and highway-rail grade crossings. Due to hard work and improvements in engineering, enforcement and education, crossing collisions and rail trespass incidents have been reduced over the past four decades. Continue reading...

  • Helping School Bus Drivers Get Back to School…Safely

    Wende Corcoran, 8-18-2015

    It’s August, and school districts across the country have been conducting their annual training sessions for new and returning school bus drivers. School bus drivers have a big responsibility – safely transporting the nation’s millions of school-aged students to and from school each day. Continue reading...

  • Railroad Crossing Safety Goes High Tech

    , 7-15-2015

    Operation Lifesaver’s primary role is to educate the public about how to keep themselves safe around railroad crossings and rights of way. To complement our education initiatives, we strongly support and encourage engineering research and innovation, which contributes to safety improvements at America's railroad crossings. Continue reading...


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