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  • Glamorizing train track trespassing to teens and young adults

    Libby Rector Snipe, 10-07-2016

    It’s the fall fashion season, and clothing retailers are busy targeting teens and young adults with new style trends. For some reason, though, a number of retailers seem to think their designs are easier to sell when the models are shown trespassing on railroad tracks. Continue reading...

  • Help us stop dangerous, illegal train track photos!

    Libby Rector Snipe, 10-22-2015

    Recently, you may have read an article in the Washington Post, an op ed in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, or seen an ABC News Nightline story about an alarming photography trend – people taking selfies, professional portraits and videos on train tracks and trestles. Since 2011, 13 people have been killed and four injured while taking photos or videos on the tracks. Pedestrian rail trespassing is the leading cause of rail-related deaths each year; 483 were killed in 2014 in the U.S. and more than 2,100 died on the tracks in the last four years, according to preliminary government statistics. Continue reading...

  • Dangerous Images – Help Operation Lifesaver Fight “Bad Ads”

    , 1-20-2015

    We see them every day, in TV commercials, Instagram posts, and magazines: images of people putting themselves in danger by walking, lying down, getting married, or otherwise posing on railroad tracks. Continue reading...

  • Viral videos and global rail safety

    , 8-13-2014

    Rail safety issues are attracting worldwide attention, spurred by a video released by Indiana Rail Road of two women trespassing on a railroad bridge who narrowly avoid being crushed by a train. That video went viral worldwide and increased news media interest in Operation Lifesaver: I was interviewed by ABC World News, and visits to our www.oli.org website more than doubled the day the video came out. Continue reading...


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