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  • Share our new GIF to encourage safe behavior near train tracks!

    Libby Rector Snipe, 6-07-2016

    The U.S. will be one of 40 countries worldwide observing ILCAD (International Level Crossing Awareness Day) this week on June 10-11. To help spread awareness of the need for drivers and pedestrians to be cautious near train tracks and railroad crossings, Operation Lifesaver, Inc. has created a shareable GIF of our latest crossing safety public service announcement (PSA),which is part of our “See Tracks? Think Train!” campaign. Continue reading...

  • <p>Bonnie Murphy</p>

    Advancing our mission, together

    Bonnie Murphy, 2-26-2016

    For 44 years, Operation Lifesaver has worked through partnerships with federal, state and local governments, freight and passenger railroads, the railway supply community and other nonprofit organizations to educate communities in pursuit of our mission. That mission remains the same: providing public education programs to prevent collisions, injuries and fatalities on and around railroad tracks and highway-rail grade crossings. Due to hard work and improvements in engineering, enforcement and education, crossing collisions and rail trespass incidents have been reduced over the past four decades. Continue reading...

  • State Programs – the Lifeblood of Operation Lifesaver

    Wende Corcoran, 1-29-2016

    Earlier this month, state member program leaders who are new to their positions in the past year came to Operation Lifesaver, Inc. (OLI) headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia for professional development training. During the three-day new state coordinator orientation, member program officials from North Carolina, Missouri, California and Washington state learned OL policies and procedures and received training in best practices from veteran state coordinators and OLI staff. Continue reading...

  • Moving Forward, with Gratitude

    , 11-25-2015

    Researchers are discovering that gratitude can boost confidence, happiness, success, and even our health. This Thanksgiving week, as I near the end of my tenure as President and CEO of Operation Lifesaver, Inc., (OLI) I want to express my deep gratitude for having been a part of this organization. Continue reading...


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